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*PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ITS FREE* *SEND ALL MAIL OR PACKAGES TO THE PO BOX BELOW* PO BOX 494 Sewell, NJ 08080 United States There are so many ways we can give ourselves a make over well this Makeover is easier and requires No Makeup! I know 5 great ways to improving your appearance These are all great things to do to prepare for a wedding prom or major social event! 1 Drink Water It helps repair your skin and leaves you glowing when you drink it on a regular basis Just give yourself 2 weeks of drinking 8 glasses of water a day and you will LOVE the results! 2 Get 8 hrs of Sleep It’s so important that helps your skin repair itself and greatly improves mind function It can help improve your metabolism too! That makes me want to go to bed right now! 3 Use Eyedrops Bloodshot eyes make you look tried and run down Using Eyedrops will brighten your eyes making you look like a bright eyed beauty 4 Whiten your Teeth A beautiful brighter whiter smile looks great on everybody! You can start with a whiten toothpaste or get crest strips 5 Groom your Eyebrows When your eyebrows are shaped and groomed properly they frame your eyes! It makes your eyes pop! Here are my 5 best ways to improve your look without makeup! I will have more to come! I love these tips and I hope you do too! *I CREATED THIS VIDEO IN iMOVIE, VIDEO INTRO MUSIC AND BACKGROUND MUSIC ARE FROM iMOVIE EDITOR*

You can do better than loading on layers of makeup and hair products. Respect your natural beauty to achieve a fresh and healthy appeal using several easy methods.

49 Responses to “NATURAL BEAUTY AT HOME”

  1. yeahharielthemermaid says:

    You say water in a very unique way :)

  2. MsLiquidblue says:

    Hi Camille! what a wonderful,beautiful woman you are!!! your advice and knowledge-and how to explain and learn from you is just like a dream coming true:) i mean it,thanks to you,i can for the first time ever do a good make up( still practise;) and blending eyeshadow is soo fun and not that difficult as i always thought(therefor never did) always wearing 1 light shade and thats it! but you should see how entuastic (im danish,sorry spelling) im doing now! I LOOOVE you..THANK YOU SO MUCH !! :)

  3. luciabarstow says:

    Wow..I love your tips..they are great and true..I loved the video on flawless skin…It was the best I have seen..It is true with older woman and the matte does brighten the eyes..I learned soo soo much..You are the best..and Honest!!!!!I love honesty!!Out of the few I have watched..You are the most honest, and you write back to your viewers..that means alot !! it shows that you honestly mean what you say!!

  4. chrisbeeblack says:

    Uhm, this might be a wierd tip, but you should start using the Birth-control pill, because I did, and nearly all of my acne was gone! :D

  5. beauty4ever89 says:

    Ummm, wear do you get fake lashes from????

  6. rflollipop says:

    Wait, some people don’t drink plain water?!?!?! I thought everybody did??

  7. timeline12345 says:

    does drinking water all help to even out your skin tone??

  8. timeline12345 says:

    does drinking water all help to even out your skin tone??

  9. ImaCrazySceneager says:

    im gonna do these things you say in the vid ^-^ i really need to drink more water! thank you for the tips

  10. hellosweetie96 says:

    you look gorgeous in this vid camille!:)

  11. mon4e3yy says:

    viagra generic 8 GLASSES A DAY!!That’s like 1 liter of water.Ohh gosh xD But honestly these days I really felt veery thirsty so I drank like 7 bottles of water per day (KRAZAAY) And my forehead cleared up and the side of my face…So I’mma keep on goin with water. =)

  12. pinkpinkpinkpink8888 says:

    I LOVE WATER! haha yeah its true. :D

  13. PrincessAlexandraaa says:

    I think that she is just a beautiful person inside and out. I aspire to be like her :) ))

  14. Zamorakification says:

    can someone tell me what wartur is she keeps saying to drink?

  15. TalkinMakeUp says:

    I am so excited! I love that you are having good results! Theres no escaping those types of breakouts there Hormonal! I love it so much that you did it! <3333333333

  16. GreenBoo91 says:

    so i’ve been doing this water thing… and it’s so improved my skin!! and whhen i get bored of plain water i just add a wee drop of robinson’s fruit squash… what a difference! but now it’s ‘time of the month’ and my face has all broken out again :( guess i’ll have to live with that one… but THANK YOU, this tip is really great. Xx

  17. TalkinMakeUp says:

    OMG I am so happy! Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know that its working for you! I love it!

  18. KaraLeigha says:

    Hey girlie. So I followed your steps, the past two years I have had horrible breakouts. So I started drinking water for a week and a half so far, my skin has cleared up so much! My skin is almost flawless! Then I’ve been using the Crest Advanced No Slip Whitening Strips, and my teeth are super white, Love ya, Water does work! Its gods miracle!! More videos please, kthx :)

  19. anilem55 says:

    Love the tips…the water one is so true! It happen to me…love you girl xoxo…

  20. SeanaSparkleKisses says:

    these are good tips, i wanna try those crest strips

  21. symmetricalastic says:

    All I drink is water. Genetics cause acne so only water will not help moderate acne.

  22. annazraf says:

    I´ve been with you for a long time now and I love that you´re back with so many helpful videos. I also love the fact that you think of us as family. SO glad I found you!

  23. glamjade0407 says:

    hahhahaha drink “WOOTER”

  24. chicken11921 says:

    wow, ill your suggestions Camille and i’ll tell you what happened. thanks

  25. AnitaJust says:

    For whitening your teeth, try the 5-Minute Speed Whitening Gel- it’s cheap and get it at WaLGreen’s. Do it in the shower!
    Would you please, please tell me the video editing software you use? I love the intro with the grunge/curlyque background, then the little squares that bust a move and theHEY – it’s CAMILLE!!!
    You’re adorable. Stay happy, girl!

  26. Smileyface4457 says:

    You forgot the most important thing. Sunscreen.

  27. PuffProphet says:

    How to achieve natural beauty. You will need: make-up.

  28. Yusra1001 says:

    LOLOLOL That was my first video i saw of her. 

  29. MegaLyrics247 says:

    i am not putting mayonnaise in my hair…..

  30. KawaiiPanda8D says:

    how to achieve natural beauty.

  31. LyraSnell says:

    How to look natural

    Bleach hair white

    Dye eyebrows black

    Get a spray tan of over heat yourself in a fucking trench coat outside

    Where too much foundation and blush put fake lashes on

    And tads a you look like you just came back from Jersey shore or Essex

    Did you know you are reading shitty how cast facts right now !!

  32. linagarett says:

    howcast does not get what natural beauty is natural beauty is where it comes from the body not from make-up lots of people think i am wearing mascara and eyeshadow when im not wearing them i only put lipgloss in my lips

  33. LittlePuddleFolk says:

    That’s way to much stuff to buy. I think I’ll just be naturally ugly instead.

  34. Salir says:

    She’s really pretty…

  35. ForeverMakeup505 says:

    sweet this was uploaded o my bday

  36. JLCrazy25 says:

    “For the healthy dose of vitamin D you get from sunlight” as this bitch is walking directly from the sun with a fucking trench coat on.

  37. PennyStrother says:

    wait so in ur how to bust beauty myths vid u told us drinking a lot of water wont prevent dry skin, and now ur telling us to drink plently of water to help us keep our skin hydrated? do i or dont i? make up ur freaking mind…

  38. DidUCThat2 says:

    2:20 is there enough mayo on that sandwich?

  39. 101balletfreak says:

    No mayo
    No vinegar
    No lemon juice
    And no bleaching my hair to be “naturally beitiful”

  40. MissBabiiButterfly says:

    Yes, natural beauty with jet black eyebrows and white hair.

  41. JDBeliber says:

    1:35 um I thought this was titled “natural beauty” not put a bunch of make up on because you are ugly the. Put food crap in ur hair!?!?!

  42. starkidrules7056 says:

    You will need:
    A shitload of crap you don’t need
    Make up
    Extra time

    Step 1.) Slab make up on your face

    Did you know? Fingers are made of bones.

  43. starkidrules7056 says:

    You will need:
    A shitload of crap you don’t need
    Make up
    Extra time

    Step 1.) Slab make up on your face

    Did you know? Fingers are made of bones.

  44. MICHELLE78906 says:

    We are all beautifull in our own way

  45. nickierainbow says:

    Wearing too much makeup is usually a turn off for guys.. so wearing a little bit of foundation to even out your skin and a little eyemakeup to enhance your eues would do the trick ;)

  46. starkidrules7056 says:

    Mayonnaise? WTF??

  47. DramaQueen9324 says:

    no it actually works ive tried it it makes your hair really soft if you mix it in eggs

  48. Yumazingwoot says:

    Her eyebrows scare the hell out of me. :/ smh.

  49. 15loripilkenton says:

    thanks for scaring the hell out of me because of my skin now. O.o


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